Mindspring can help your business develop in three ways:


We design and facilitate engaging and practical leadership development training


D.I.Y or facilitated problem solving and idea generation using the innovative Idea Navigator toolkits

Business Planning

D.I.Y or facilitated business planning using the acclaimed Bisvision Toolkits

Some of our Toolkits

Bisvision NFP

Bisvision NFP

Not-for-profit Planning

Use the Bisvision Public Sector version to help you to put together a strategic plan for your organisation. It’s like having a great strategy consultant or business mentor prompting you with the right questions to help you put together your business plan.

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Bisvision Bis

Bisvision Bis

Business Planning Toolkit

Bisvision takes your business to the next level. It’s like having a great business mentor or business coach work with you on a strategic business plan. Bisvision is a strategy planning toolkit that you use to take a structured approach to developing a vision and strategy.

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Idea Navigator

Idea Navigator

Innovation toolkit

Idea Navigator is a problem solving toolkit. You use it to help you and your team come up with innovative solutions to business problems. The key to Idea Navigator's effectiveness is that it uses the familiar look and feel of a board game making it easy to use. Whatever the industry, whatever the issue, Idea Navigator is a practical and quick way to generate outside the square solutions to business problems.

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Strategy, innovation and leadership are the three pillars of any successful business. Mindspring is a team of skilled and innovative facilitators. We provide training, facilitation and products that develop your leaders, build innovation and plan for success.

Damian D'Cruz

Managing Director

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